MyEO Engage Nomination & Criteria

MyEO Engage Nomination & Criteria

MyEO Engage Summit 2019 seeks to highlight the growing momentum around the implementation of the 17 UN SDGs by EO Members worldwide and to recognize the organizations and individuals that have worked over the last year towards achievement of any of the SDGs.

The winner will receive a trophy and a cash prize for their own initiative or for the charity of their choice. They will also receive the opportunity to interface with EO members from all over the world for a year, in preparation for the next MyEO Engage Summit..

To be considered for an award, nominated institution or individual must: 

1. Demonstrate the clear value of linkages between their core practices and the SDGs. 

2. Demonstrate, where required, a partnership approach with other major stakeholders as a major element in the success of a project. Partnerships must set an example for others and demonstrate where further efforts should be focused. 

3. Highlight what has been accomplished, problems encountered (if any), and lessons learned. 

4. Show strong potential for scaling up /replication. 

The criterion must take to account the following: Measurable Impact,  Sustainability, Efficiency and effectiveness, Community participation and Replication


Impact: The project must have visible impact, the value of which can be measured through qualitative indicators to quantify impact and effect.


Sustainability: The project should have contributed its positive impact and effect on a consistent, continuous basis required over the long term. 


Community Participation: The project should demonstrate community participatory engagements in implementing their projects. Ideally but not mandatorily, there should be an element of ownership by the community.


Efficiency: The project should demonstrate efficiency on a cost benefit analysis in utilizing its resources.


Replication: The project needs to have best practices and lessons learnt that can be transposed and replicated in other locations locally and internationally.


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