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A Note of Hope in a Lonely World | Carenote of Hogan Lee

Updated: Apr 7

The world can be a lonely place, especially in your advanced age. In the US, a lot of families don’t share their homes with their parents or grandparents. More often than not, older members of the family live alone as empty nesters, or in senior care facilities. Their daily lives aren’t always spent in the company of those they care about most, and filling those days up isn’t the easiest thing in their advanced age. This more often than not, leads to a feeling of loneliness that has a tendency to creep up on seniors. In an effort to give these seniors proper social connections, EO member Hogan Lee and his team developed Carenote. The world of emergent tech has been kind to Hogan Lee, allowing him to grow into a fine leader in his own right. His experiences with Flipagram, eHarmony, MTV, Edmunds .com, and DirectTV have given him a well rounded background in business operations, especially on the strategy end. With Carenote, Hogan has found a way to improve the lives of older family members by combining an app with real conversations. We spoke with Hogan, and he told MyEO Engage that “Carenote was started because (the team) realized that our loved ones are getting older and we found them spending more time alone”. Hogan and his team know that loneliness was a real factor in too many seniors’ lives, and that some kind of support was needed for them. With complex family dynamics at play, and busy schedules to consider, not every senior gets the attention they would want, or when they want it. “We began to understand the impact that social health has on physical health and wanted to ensure that aging adults maintain connections with others.” says Hogan.

But what exactly does Carenote offer? As an app, it addresses a unique need: a direct, and regular line of communication for aging adults with an actual person, a Care Pal. The interface allows the Care Pals to have quick check-in messages, or in-depth conversations with the end user, all scheduled around the client’s availability. Apart from the texting that goes on, regularly scheduled calls can be expected from Care Pals so that clients get to have one-on-one conversations too. These uncomplicated processes make the app accessible, ensuring that even senior citizens can get a conversation started. Other key features of the app allow for the end user to be reminded of important events by a real person, instead of limiting this to a calendar reminder. From little things like appointments and birthdays, to crucial matters like medication reminders, Care Pals make it a point to remind about this part of their day. Family members also benefit as they receive call summaries to so that they have a detailed update on how their loved ones are doing.

The Carenote interface is fairly simple, making it accessible even for seniors.

In under a year of operations, Carenote has come to mean something in the lives of its users. The company has received a lot of client feedback attesting to the fact that they’re making an impact in their lives. Clients have been moved by the level of empathy that Carenote displays, especially in instances where they feel they are truly alone in this world. The people working behind the scenes possess a high level of empathy to ensure that clients are well taken care of. According to Hogan, Carenote actively looks for Care Pals with the ability to handle different conversation scenarios. This goes beyond just knowing what to say, but also having the emotional intelligence, and the capability for a Care Pal to manage their emotions, while understanding and empathizing with the client on the other line. These aren’t things you would necessarily find on a CV, but Carenote ensures that the people you would talk to are real, with the compassion to understand what others are going through.

The culture that they look to build is very much built on providing aging adults the companionship they need to live their best lives. “Using this foundation, we promote an environment of authenticity, empathy, and healthy relationship building. We promote autonomy so that people have the ability to make sizable contributions to the company,” says Hogan on Carenote’s culture. At the end of the day, Carenote is just getting started. The communication they provide gives seniors a way to maintain their social and mental wellbeing, something that can get overlooked in our busy lives. As they continue to grow, we can only hope that the world feels like a friendlier place, especially for our elders.


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