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Amanda Kiessel Making a Good Market Great

​​ Going from good to great takes a lot of time and effort. In the case of Dr. Amanda Kiessel, growing a sustainable platform over 6 years has resulted in some good from her base in Sri Lanka in the form of The Good Market.

Amanda at The Good Market in Sri Lanka

Amanda’s origin story is proof that in time, almost any challenge can be overcome. Growing up in the agricultural bed of northern Michigan, Amanda encountered hardships like life-threatening scoliosis, and her parents’ divorce at a young age. This however did not stop her from working towards an international exchange program. Amanda would make her bones working on her family’s farm, soliciting donations, and working various odd jobs to travel abroad. This process gave her a new understanding, a changed world view on money, travel, and the nature of the world. In college, Amanda studied ecology and environmental toxicology, which brought about her fascination with complex adaptive systems. She made her way to Sri Lanka, and began working with local organizations on a grassroots level, eventually leading her to spend 10 years working with Sevalanka as Program Director. Her NGOs mission of enhancing the capacity while addressing the needs of disadvantaged rural communities gave her a strong sense of purpose, especially during the difficult tsunami and Sri Lankan civil war years. All of this experience, and growth gave her a wealth of experience that would give her grounding when she decided to develop The Good Market.

The Good Market is a radical approach to doing business for so many reasons, beginning with their goal: to create a new economy that is good for the planet and the people. The Market serves as a platform for social enterprises and responsible businesses to engage with consumers all over the world. The ecosystem they created allows you to pick up a woven bag, or have some dried fish delivered. And for most people, that's not too much a stretch of the imagination for any kind of market. There is a physical address you can visit in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka which does allow you to pick up tangible goods, it is however over cyberspace that the platform thrives. Looking for an environmentally conscious surf trip? Want small scale solar panels for personal use? The Good Market offers less conventional goods and services like this, all of whom are vetted by the community at large depending on their sector. Applications are always open through their website for anyone seeking to join the new economy, or provide solutions in their particular sector, all in the hope of opening up opportunities for cross-sector collaboration...and a better world of course. Many factors go into the accreditation process, but once certified, a business' world can see real results through the platform's interconnectivity.

The change that Amanda and her team has tried to introduce into the world can, without a doubt, be labeled as idealistic. Anyone who takes the time can see that The Good Market's curation process safeguards their vision for a brave new world. Amanda's vision for this kind of inclusive, responsible community marks a movement to establishing better business norms. If they have their way, corporations would no longer just be working for profit, but rather for a chance at a better kind of future. The Good Market in that role serves as a fine place for small businesses, solopreneurs, agripreneurs from across the world to be recognized as legitimately viable ventures, able to provide high quality products and services.

The greatness of The Good Market has not yet been fully realized, not quite yet. With more and more idealistic businesses joining this new economy, there is growing optimism for a much better future for our planet, and for real people. This better economy isn't possible without vendor partners in joining in. Applications to join the Good Market are always ongoing for businesses across the world, who look to be the positive change in it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the best of your home country get certified, and succeed in a change-oriented economy? It's not too much of a stretch. Good hearted businesses nowadays have this great opportunity to find greatness in the Good Market, and hopefully, in a better tomorrow.

Amanda Kiessel and The Good Market operate out of the Nuga Tree Car Park behind the Ministry of Sports, next to the Colombo Racecourse every Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM, rain or shine.

To learn more about how they continue to grow, and sustain their new economy, visit their website for more details. If you want to start a conversation with The Good Market, you can always e-mail them here.


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