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Beyond Skin Foundation || EO London

1. Project Title:

Beyond Skin Foundation

2. Champion:

Lorraine O’Neill, EO London

  • Created BSF in 2012 to educate, train and support women & children who have suffered from domestic violence, including acid attacks.

3. Project Description (goals)

What is/are the goals and objectives of the project?

The project seeks to offer a offer a superior quality college that provides top-level training in the students’ chosen subjects. Ultimately, they want to launch the world’s first academy for victims of domestic abuse and acid attacks.

  • By offering relevant education, excellent training and resources, Indian women should be able to have an easier time securing employment opportunities upon graduation

  • Economic empowerment is the first step in empowering abused women, allowing them to rebuild their lives from the inside out.

  • We want to give them the power to change circumstances and seek to encourage self-reliance

4. Project Details

When and where did the project take place? Who attended?

Beyond Skin Foundation was founded by Lorraine O’Neill in January 2012 in India. The academy is set to launch this November 2018.

5. Partner Communities/Foundation

Who are the project’s main beneficiaries? What organizations or foundations did EO member/chapter collaborate with for project? What is the project’s social impact?

Partners and Beneficiaries: Indian women and children who are victims of domestic violence and physical abuse, including acid attacks. Beyond Skin Foundation is currently seeking partners to help raise awareness and funding for the project.

Social Impact:

Short term social impact: Building quality skills and confidence for abused women and children

Long term social impact: High quality education and training for abused women with a focus on employment upon graduation, resulting in economic and eventually personal empowerment.


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