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EO C.A.R.E.S. || EO Bangalore

Updated: May 1, 2019

1. Project Title:


(Customers, Achievements, Recognition, Education, Social)

2. Champion:

EO Bangalore

What motivated Chapter to undertake project?

Give back to society by developing next generation of Bangalore’s business leaders

Ensure the city's continued growth

4. Project Description

What is/are the goals and objectives of the project?

Provide mentorship, network, growth, and scale opportunities to Bangalore’s startup ecosystem

Foster collaboration between industry stalwarts, proven entrepreneurs and startup mavericks

5. Project Details

When and where did the project take place? Who attended?

Venue: Bangalore, India

Chapters represented: EO Bangalore

5. Partner Communities/Foundation

Who are the project’s main beneficiaries? What organizations or foundations did EO member/chapter collaborate with for project? What is the project’s long term or short term social impact?

Partners and Beneficiaries:

Bangalore startup community

Social Impact:

Short term: Elevate and develop startup ecosystem

Long term: Build a powerful startup ecosystem in Bangalore to keep the city thriving for generations to come


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