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1. Project Title:

EO Joins the Green Side

2. Champion:

EO Philippines undertook a partnership with Ayala Foundation to go green. The objectives are two fold. On one side, it is to provide favorable farming conditions and coming up with a sustainable business plan to support their livelihood of the community composed of families displaced by Typhoon Ondoy and the Pasig Rehab Program. As an organization, the objective was also to create a sustainable engage program that not only directly impacts a community but also promote a healthier diet by making organic vegetables easily accessible.

3. Project Description (goals)

What is/are the goals and objectives of the project?

The project comes in 3 phases.

First phase:

To build a greenhouse for farmers in Laguna to create favorable farming conditions. Simultaneous to this, we're also trying to organize the farmers to create a legitimate cooperative to enable them to sell directly to end-users (both B2C and B2B) having having to course through a middleman. We are currently on this phase.

Second phase:

Offer organic produce to EO members who are in the food industry.

Third phase:

Offer organic produce to EO members for personal consumption.

4. Project Details

When and where did the project take place? Who attended?

Venue: Calauan, Laguna (1.5 hours away from Manila)

Date/Time: June 4, 2018 9AM

Chapters represented: EO Philippines, 3 members

Total No. of Attendees: 25

5. Partner Communities/Foundation

Who are the project’s main beneficiaries? What organizations or foundations did EO member/chapter collaborate with for project? What is the project’s social impact?

Partners and Beneficiaries: Main Partner is Ayala Foundation in support of their MDC Greens Project. The main beneficiaries are families displaced by Typhoon Ondoy and the Pasig River rehabilitation

Social Impact:

Short Term social impact: creating favorable farming conditions for families in the area.

Long Term social impact: Implement sustainable livelihood projects (through employment or enterprise) for families in the area.


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