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Updated: Apr 13

In the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic, there are rays of hope that are coming in the form of EO members heeding the call to help. Given the limitations of how people can respond, members are finding ways to help out in their own way. Many are sharing their expertise with fellow entrepreneurs globally and regionally to make it through these trying times through various platforms, with multiple virtual meetings taking place throughout the coming weeks as hosted on the EO Network.

Through MyEO DealExchange, members like Noah Rosenfarb, CPA are making deals happen globally that will allow business to continue through the economic downturn via the MyEO Deal Exchange platform. We also have a comprehensive briefing on how the virus is operating, and what we can expect from it coming from the experiences in Mainland China and Hong Kong through a webinar care of EO Hong Kong.

In terms of boots on the ground action, several stories are emerging through chapters like that of EO Philippines. The chapter as a whole started off their efforts after the national government put all of Luzon, encompassing Metro Manila, on lockdown. Together, the chapter's members put their best foot forward by providing some much needed resources for the undermanned front liners located in their nation’s capital, where a majority of the coronavirus cases have been identified. In the most recent national budget, allocations for healthcare and medical needs of the Department of Health were slashed by more than Php 10 Billion, the equivalent of USD 196.56 million. Throughout this pandemic period, the private sector has stepped in to help address the most pressing needs for medical professionals and emergency support staff as they play their part in flattening the Philippines’ curve.

On the 3rd day of the Luzon-wide lockdown, calls were sent out by hospitals across Manila for food to fuel front liners and support staff through almost 24 hour shifts. The call was answered with a total of 8000 meals that went out over the next 48 hours, care of Manila based members. This, according to representatives of the chapter, is only the beginning of their efforts. With so many medical needs imminent, and supplies in short demand, the chapter has already procured a key shipment of 1,500 N95-grade masks, as well as 20,000 surgical masks. All of these immediate needs are the chapters’ first steps towards helping key hospitals combat the disease.

These members have wished to remain anonymous, but we would still like to thank them for their contributions to the frontliners in Manila. To date, 11 hospitals within some of the most at risk cities in the Metro Manila area are being supported through the EO Philippines centralized efforts. EO PH will continue supporting the mentioned hospitals throughout these trying times to the extent possible. EO PH will continue supporting these 11 hospitals through donations like this, and through more efforts amidst these trying times.

Is your chapter conducting efforts to help combat this Global Corona Pandemic? If so, please let the MyEO Engage team know so that we can report to members across the world how your chapter has a beacon of hope. Get in touch with us at https://bit.ly/MyEOEngage_WeRise, or myeoengage@gmail.com so we can inspire members across the world to share your stories of social impact, especially when the world at large needs hope the most. If you haven’t yet, join MyEO Engage on Facebook and our official EO group for more updates about how we EO-ers are helping out.


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