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Get Wrecked - MyEO Dive and Conservation || EO Malaysia

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

1. Project Title:

Get Wrecked - MyEO Dive and conservation

2. Champion:

TT Lim

3. Project Description

What is/are the goals and objectives of the project?

MyEO Malaysia Divers Group undertook a dive expedition to sink a disused fishing boat at a site off Renggis Island in Tioman, Malaysia

4. Project Details

When and where did the project take place? Who attended?

Venue: Tioman Island National Park, Pulau Renggis, Malaysia

Date/Time: April 2018

Attendees: MyEO Malaysia Divers Group

5. Partner Communities/Foundation

Who are the project’s main beneficiaries? What organizations or foundations did EO member/chapter collaborate with for project? What is the project’s social impact?


Pulau Tioman community

Reef Check Malaysia

Department of Marine Parks Malaysia

Tioman Dive Operators Association

Tioman Marine Conservation Group

EO Malaysia

Social Impact:

Short term: Boosts local tourism

- Safe, new location for novice divers

- Added dive tourism for Pulau Renggis

- Artificial reef attracts marine life, making it a more appealing dive site

Long term: Sustainable fishery

- Artificial reef attracts catchable fish

- Will help support livelihood of traditional fishermen and attract recreational fishers


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