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Join us for Learning Lab: Hiroshima this February 2020!

Updated: Apr 7

Join us in Hiroshima, Japan for the first Learning Lab engagement of 2020! This coming 14 February 2020, MyEO Engage and Asia Bridge Forum are collaborating once again with EO Japan for an introspective look peace. Hiroshima is a city that bore witness to one of the greatest horrors of humanity in the first ever atomic bombing. In modern days, the city has rebuilt itself entirely, and now serves as a location fitting for discussions on peace for any citizen of the world.

The itinerary includes a trip to the iconic Genbaku Dome, which survived the 1945 atomic bombing

For this Learning Lab, MyEO Engage invites you to join us as we embark on a unique journey of peace. On this trip, participants will enjoy a guided tour of the major sites tied to atomic bombing of 1945, particularly the Peace Memorial Museum, Orizu Tower, and the Atomic Bomb Dome. More cultural activities and modules will be announced soon, stay tuned for details! Sign up for a visit to one of Japan's most unique cities, as we take a look at peace from a new perspective. Click through to http://bit.ly/LLHiroshimaReg so that you can save your spot for the first Learning Lab of 2020 with us!


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