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Learning Lab Online Recap

MyEO Engage and the Asia Bridge Forum came together for the first Learning Lab Online last 28 May 2020. The unique format of this knowledge exchange saw our keynote speakers delivering their talks via Zoom call, with everyone in the comfort of their own homes. Though the COVID-19 Pandemic was not a primary topic of discussion, it did have a strong influence on the speeches given.

The Power of Technology Sheryle Gillihan, CEO of CauseLabs in Fort Worth, understands the role that technology plays when we look to create impact. Ever since she came into CauseLabs, the projects the company has taken up have always strived to create positive impact. Even in the furthest corners of the earth, the work that her company does allows for tech solutions to help people grow. Sheryle and her team look to grow that positive impact with emergent technology, while still paying attention to the human aspect and the directive to do good.

Perspective of Nurses

Nusrat Feroz Aman and AYAT Education in Bangladesh have been working hard to give the nursing profession the respect it deserves, as well as the tools to grow. Being a nurse in Bagladesh carries with it a number of stigmas that are slowly being broken down, thanks in part to the efforts of groups like AYAT. In time, the goal is to uplift the nursing profession on an academic & practical level. Nusrat sees the elevation of the nursing profession in Bangladesh, especially as the need for competent and respected nurses becomes key in the middle of this global pandemic.

Positivity of Clean Energy

Ruchir Punjabi and Distributed Energy work hard at matching investors with clean energy projects, focusing on the solar sector in developing countries. Through his company, Ruchir has found a business solution that creates affordable renewable energy where these solutions might not be accessible. This relatively new venture of his allows Ruchir to find a purposeful intersection of work, what the world needs, and what makes you money. In this moment in time, Ruchir says that there is an opportunity for us to invest in a better future for all, making the most of COVID-19 related setbacks.


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