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MyEO Engage Social Impact Business Award

Updated: Apr 7

This year, MyEO Engage will be holding the first ever Social Impact Business Award, sending one deserving entrepreneur to New York City in June!

They will be headed to the Big Apple to join the EO hosted event “International Entrepreneurial Summit to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” at the United Nations on 26 June 2019. The contest winner will be part of the EO contingent in the UN's main assembly hall.

The first MyEO Engage Social Impact Business Awards is an opportunity to recognize organizations whose actions and mandates are aligned with the UN SDG in their own chapters. With that, MyEO Engage is now opening up nominations for deserving entrepreneurs to take this chance to take their talents to the concrete jungle of NYC.

Goal: To raise awareness within EO about members' efforts towards redefining their business to do good.

Mechanics: Contestants will have to submit either A. E-mail a link to the website of the nominated organization to myeoengage@gmail.com with the subject heading: [Company Name] SIBA Entry, or

B. Accomplishing the contest form at http://bit.ly/2WZmkMF, or C. Submitting a 5-minute video OR Powerpoint/Keynote presentation answering the ff. questions:

1. Give a brief history and overview of your company and the mission & vision.

2. Describe how your company is making a difference in the world, especially with regard to sustainability and social impact. Provide quantitative proof wherever relevant

(e.g. FeelGood Inc. is currently employing 96 women and 19 LGBTQI+ out of 200 full time employees. FeelGood’s impact includes providing clean drinking water for 17 communities, including 400 dependents, with 220 receiving free education.)

3. Describe how your company is directly helping to accomplish one or more of the 17 UN SDGs.

4. How sustainable is your company? Please explain how your efforts are funded, as they must be able to sustain themselves organically without relying on donations.

5. What kind of help do you need from the EO community in order to scale up your company and make an even bigger impact on the world? Please be as specific, and concise as possible.

Nomination: This contest is open only to EO members, spouses and Next Gen, but contestants must be nominated by an EO member. Submissions may be done via website (www.myeoengage.com) OR via email to be sent to (contest email - e.g. myeoengage@gmail.com).

Nomination period is from May 1 to May 31, 2019, 5PM Manila time. Winners will be announced on June 5, 2019 on www.myeoengage.com and on the MyEO Engage Facebook page (www.facebook.com/myeoengage).

Selection: Judging will be done by the MyEO Engage committee based on the answers supplied to the questions above.

Prize: The selected company will be given a USD$2,000 subsidy that will go towards cost of participating in “International Entrepreneurial Summit to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, as well as the other EO pocket events over the course of June 25 to 27, 2019, in New York City. FAQs: For more details, click to this link. Should you have more questions that were not addressed here, please feel free to message your MyEO Engage team at myeoengage@gmail.com, through the Facebook page, or through the website.


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