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Sri Bhataram and Kuza Win Big at World Summit Awards

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Sri Bhataram presenting AgriPreneur during WSA 2019

We're proud to announce a major award garnered by EO Kenya member Sriram Bharatam and his team at Kuza.One are big winners at this year's World Summit Awards at the Global Congress Cascais at Lisbon, Portugal.

Kuza won the Global Champion award for being considered one of the world's best digital content solution providers among qualified nominees. The organization is being recognized for their innovative AgriPreneur Program, which won the award for the Environment & Green Energy category this year.

About Kuza and the AgriPreneur Program

Kuza was founded with a simple, yet strong mission: make starting & running an SME simple, fast, and cost-effective. Partnering with Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Kuza has found a way to provide digital solutions to smaller scale agri-business. Through their innovative methods, and dedication to drive social impact the AgriPreneur Program found the right groups to see this idea into reality.

At its core, this award winning program was designed to give smaller farms around the world a better chance to succeed. Through Kuza, a platform and program were established so as to offer these farmers agri-business mentorship, quality information, credit and marketing, all while tilling their fields. For the program's initial run, members of rural communities were chosen as “agri-entrepreneurs”, with 200 farmers receiving with packages of practices and agri-extension services via the portable digital kits provided. This resulted in a multi-facetted digital platform that provides access to crop advisories, professional technical input, as well as the ever important credit & market info, all on demand. The program seamlessly connects all these stakeholders to one another, bridging a gap that is shared by farmers across the planet. All these key interactions between agripreneurs and farmers are captured on the digital platform, thus enabling program managers to assess and monitor the impact in real-time. With the provided micro-mentoring modules, all Agripreneurs and mentors actively engage in crop planning, business planning and farmer engagement. As of today, version 2.0 of AgriPreneur is giving everyone greater scale, better platform economics, and a network effect that otherwise would not be available to isolated farmers.

We are incredibly proud of Sri, and everyone at Kuza. We wish them well, and hope for their sustained success with the AgriPrenuer program as they take it to new heights!


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