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Tahsin Aman on a Mission

In the world of entrepreneurship, having a multi-hyphenate leader gives you a distinct advantage. Wearing many hats, as Tahsin Aman does, can truly help expand a company’s understanding of how to change the world. In Tahsin’s case acting as group vice chairman of the Aman Group of Companies, he is positioned as a changemaker, helming one of the most respected business houses in Bangladesh.

Tahsin Aman is one of those you would call Bangladesh’s best and brightest. An industrial engineer by training, Tahsin has put himself in a position to modernize businesses at large via industrialization, while still focusing on socially responsible practices. His work as an entrepreneur gives him purpose, using his platform to make impact from his home in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His work with their local chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs, known as TiE, fostering and advancing entrepreneurship across their global network. His time with EO Dhaka has him primed for more success, as he is now the president-elect, and in time, will lead this chapter forward.

Tahsin’s work reflects his desire to build a better Bangladesh through various channels. The Aman Group has allowed him to do just that, specifically through Scholartroop. The idea with Scholartroop is to create an online scholarship hub that matches monetary donors, scholar candidates, and educational institutions using a robust framework. Helping deserving students find financial assistance is the primary focus of the group, but apart from that, Scholartroop beneficiaries are supported through tutoring, counseling, workshops and seminars backed by the organization.

Since their launch in 2015, the company has created a virtual community for students to exchange ideas as well, empowering each other through the platform, without complicating the process too much. Scholartroop’s solution allows students to apply for their programs using an intuitive and streamlined process, taking away administrative tasks on the platform. The end result is a common platform that is incredibly transparent system that gets qualified students a chance to fulfill their dreams. Back in 2016, Tahsin took the venture to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in California to showcase Scholartroop to the rest of the world on one of the biggest stages. Now, it has grown into a full blown system that is changing lives from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Another attempt of Tahsin to build a better Bangladesh is the Ayat Skill Development Center: a solution to the unemployment situation through their youth skills training program. Their various ASD Centers focus on the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge into individual for career success in this new era of work, especially for those out of work. The work done focuses on the demand for international caliber talent, allowing their graduates to specialize in a number of fields, making them qualified job candidates when all is said and done. One advocacy that the ASD espouses is the need for holistic and palliative care in Bangladesh, providing dignity for their aging population in their last years. This unique take has been driven home by Tahsin in particular, participating in discussions pushing for palliative care beginning in Dhaka.

Tahsin Aman will always wear many hats. It is one of the challenges of any modern entrepreneur, but it is one that he has thrived with. As Bangladesh moves forward, so too does Tahsin and his family's companies. The change that they have realized has primed him for success, not only as an entrepreneur, but a spirited believer in his countymen’s potential. In due time, that potential will be realized and bring forth sustainable success, not only from Dhaka, but wherever Tahsin takes these endeavors

For more information, visit the Aman Group of Companies website for more details. To support the endeavors of Scholartroop, you can engage with their platform here.


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